The idea is to write it so that people read it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

We live as one

Malaysia… One of the most rapidly modernising countries on Earth.. Believed to be a multi-racial country, with different ethnic and different cultures. But one thing I still couldn’t find myself an answer, WHY SHOULD WE HAVE A GAP BETWEEN US? is it true that we are all united as what this country claimed us to be? I think we are far from the word “united”. There’s a gap between us, a distinctive gap. Everyone of us can’t deny that. I don’t want to discuss about other races, I just want to talk about mine, Malay. Why we have to be so discriminative? Why we have to show our superiority to other races? Is it because we are the aborigines? Or is it because we are being jealous of what other people has achieved but we can’t? It doesn’t make any sense to me. This is not about where we came from, what we eat, what we wear or what we believe in, this is about we are living in the same country, living in the same roof, we are Malaysian. This is not a country for Malays, chinese nor indians, this country is for all of us. For us to live in harmony, for us to fulfill our dreams and hopes, the place for us to learn about life, and this is the country for us to work together as one, so that in the future, this country will be a better place to live in. We are the one who creates this gap, this difference between us. It doesn’t make us any better if we discriminate people or we deny the right of others who live in the same country that we live in. We just have to forget about the past, not entirely forget the past, we learn from it, and try not to let it happens again. The more we dive in different cultures, the more we learn and realize that we are all the same. I love this country, every single one of us loves this country.. Let us live together like a family, work together to make this country to be a better place to live in the future. Maybe not for us, but certainly for our children


Comments on: "Why should be a gap between us?" (2)

  1. There are a group of people who like to discriminate others. Sometimes, I don’t know which side is right, and who to blame. We live in a multi-cultural country, and what we need to tell our kids is to respect others, and live together in harmony 🙂

  2. Yeah.. Let us live as one.. We are all humans after all.. No other sub-species in it =)

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