The idea is to write it so that people read it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

We have achieved something that others can't achieve. But, we still have a lot of things ahead of us. Change what is bad, and embrace what is good

Why we Malay, are being left so far behind from other people? Have you ever asked yourself? Or you don’t even bother to know about it? Or do you feel we are already been in a comfort zone? Ask yourself, who we are and what we will become in the future.. This article is written by me to express my thought and opinions about what I feel and what I think about my own race; Malay. If any of you feels offended, with all my honour, please leave this page.. If you feel you want to do something, and you feel something is wrong, and want us to change for good, read this and try to sit and think, we are really in a big problem.

I’m sure I can get it, what to worry?

Malayu Mudah Lupa. Thats the best word. Why? Easy, once we got the things that we want, we tend to forget how we get it. How many of us, technically unqualified to enter the IPTA can still walk with pride in it? How many us enter the uni under the mercy of our government? How many of us appreciate the opportunity to enter uni by studying super hard and try the best to pay for our debt to this country? How many of us feel that, we don’t have to work hard, cause we got the guarantee letter to enter the uni? And how many of us, sent by the government to study abroad with high payment of scholarship, reluctant to go back here to serve this country? I think, each one of you knows the answer.

I feel good now, I don’t have to go any further

Malays can get easily satisfied with what they have achieved. We strive for the things that we want, once we get there, thats will be the end of the route. Cause we feel insecure to venture new world, new way, new life and new opportunity. We love to sit, and enjoy eating rice but tend to forget and ignore there’s still gold for us to search in front of us. Most of us feel that, it’s better to leave the good thing ahead instead of taking the risk to get there.”Everything is temporary isn’t it? So why we have to strive to get that temporary thing” what a great way of thinking.  

Who are you to tell me what to do?

We don’t like to be admonished with the wrong thing that we do. Dont you think so? I think we do. Most of us dislike to be admonished cause we feel, this thing is right, and you don’t have to comment on it. We love to feel perfect, but apparently we are not. We feel that we are good enough but hell yes, we are not. Try to think about it

I don’t want to compete

We are uncompetitive. That is why most of us refuse to mix with other people. That is why we hate to be in different cultures. And that is also why we hate to be out of our comfort zone. We hate to compete, cause once we lost, we will feel inferior. We hate to be inferior, cause it will make us weaker, don’t you think so? This is the ‘greatest’ recipe to success. I’m sure with this attitude, none of us will be successful in the near future.

Yeah, you are good cause you got money

Jealousy is the greatest enemy of our race. We hate to see other people to succeed in life, we hate to see people becomes greater than us, we hate to see our friends to be better than us, and we undoubtedly hate people to become richer than us. We feel that, when other people succeed, there must be a trick in it. Most of us think that, every success got nothing to do with hard works and perseverance. We hate to see other races become more and more successful than we are, cause for us, this country is ours, you can’t be better than us. Even between us, we still got jealousy. Most of us feel that, when people become better than us, in any way, in position, work or education, they just got money and little bit of luck to get it. This is the best example “Most of them become pharmacist not because they are qualified, cause they got money to pay for education” Great, such a very great way of thinking.

Ant is not an ant, it is an elephant

We fight for  stupid  and idiotic things. We fight with friends cause small things, anything, from money, to boyfriend or girlfriend or for food. It sounds barbaric, but it’s true. We love to humiliate people when they do something wrong, cause at that moment, people will see us to be  a much greater person. And we fight for a very little thing, and we purposely trying to forget a bigger thing up ahead. Yeah, as I said ” An ant, is not an ant, it is an elephant

Leader brags, follower begs 

This is what I see: our leaders are nonstop searching for more and more power and money, and we, as the followers beg for more and more comfort. Our leaders cunningly deny the right of other people, so that they could gain more trust among their own (race). Meanwhile, we as the followers love to be pampered with more and more privileges. We are the aborigines after all, we need more privileges to sustain our superiority in this country isn’t it? Believe me, the more privileges we got, the more sluggish we become.

It’s ok, you can take it 

We are not confrontational. We hate confrontation, cause we are the peacemaker. So, we can give anything that you want, but with some compensation, erm, with some money perhaps? We are in between, from the extremist to the sluggish one. The extremist, by hook or by crook, they want what they want, no matter what, even by taking the right of other people, meanwhile the sluggish one, ok you can take it, I don’t care.

It’s a culture, so I just follow it

Most of us, take religion to be nothing more than a culture, like something that most of us do in a regular basis, so we just follow it. We start to lose faith, lose respect to our belief and we start to forget our main duty to our greatest leader; Allah. We love to enjoy the world by any mean, even by drinking alcohol and doing pre-marital sex are okay for us. It is a trend now, so, we don’t want to feel backward, so we just follow the trend.

These are few things that I think our main weaknesses. Writing this thing is for me not only to remind my own beloved race, but to me, my own self. I know I’m  not that good, but at least I’ve tried my very best to remind myself. I love this race, cause this is who I am and what I am in this world. But, apart from being proud to be who I am, I put a hope in myself, to see my race; Malay to become successful, competitive and being very respected for the good things that we have. I want us to be recognised for the good things that we do and what we have, not in the other way round. We can be successful, we can achieve a lot of things, but only if we change who we are today. Not to be masked by different faces, but to expel the bad thing that seems to rot us from inside out. All I ever wanted is to see my friends and family to be successful in whatever kind of things they up to, and to see them do it in a good way. Hope someday we realize it.


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