The idea is to write it so that people read it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

Her Tears

You have given me a life

What is actually
Secret that remains in your heart
The meaning behind those invisible tears
Spell it out to me
Cause I cant define myself
Those secrets you kept inside for so long
I can only assume
But I can never feel it
The true emotion that you keep inside

Sacrifices you have made
In nurturing me
Sacrifices you have made
To see me growing up to be a wise man

A pain  
Only can be bear by the heart of a mother
I put a trust in myself
That this love remains immortal
That this bond will never break
You have faced thorns and tortures
And walk through 
Barriers and storms in life
And doing it alone
Until the end of your life
Owh mother
You give me hope
To be as strong as you are
Never lose hope, never lose faith
Cause someday, this cruelty will eventually end

Cause I know, nothing shatters your heart



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