The idea is to write it so that people read it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

Sometimes, we just have to let go

This is a true story in which few know about it. It’s a story that captures my heart – which makes me to believe, one day you just have to let go; something that you love and care the most, cause something in life is better to be left far aside from us, so that every single moment it reminds us to appreciate what we have. This is a story about a forbidden love, neither a fiction nor a fairytale, it is not written by any superb novelist nor created by a fantastic movie maker- it is a story that has been kept for so long, and today I would like to share it to the rest of the world. The main actress is my own beloved mom while the actor is Lim Boon King.

My mom is a Malay and obviously Boon King is a chinese. Everything was dated back around 34 years ago, when my mom was at form 6. There was a guy-a chinese guy, good-looking chinese guy perhaps; a very excellent student, and at that time, he was the teenage heart-throb among girls in the school. My mom was just a normal, decent village girl; nothing special perhaps. But, ironically, the chinese guy seemed to have some kind of special feeling to my mom. He followed her during recess time, accompanied her to home and watched my mom playing handball.

My mom knew there was something between both of them, more than just a friend. So, my mom put a gut to ask him “ Boon King, why you always follow me? Do you have something to tell me?” Confidently he replied “Yes, I have something to tell you. I fall in love with you“. My mom was in a total shock, since no one ever confessed to her this spontaneous. “Pardon? You fall in love with me? Boon King, I’m not a chinese girl and you know that, I’m Malay, no one will ever accept this. We are too different“. “I don’t need for other’s permission to fall in love with anyone that I want to, and I don’t care about who you are, whether you are poor or being a Malay, cause one thing for sure, I love you cause you have a very beautiful heart. I’ve stalked you, I asked all of your best friends about who you are, same things went out from their mouths “You are undeniably kind-hearted”. Hazlina, beauty doesn’t last, beautiful heart remains forever” Every night, he went to my mom small wooden house, just to tell he missed her. Until one day, my grandfather scolded him to leave my mom for good “Don’t ever come close to my daughter, you are not Muslim, you are chinese, and we hate chinese! Go away!“. That harsh words didn’t even break his heart.

After STPM, both, my mom and him, scored very good results, perhaps the best in the school. My mom got an offer to further her study in Bachelor of Economy at University of Birmingham in London, but she turned off the offer cause it was too much for her to handle since she came from a very poor family; I meant extremely poor. She applied for University of Malaya, and yeah, she got it. Lim Boon King on the other hand, got an offer to further into Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in University of Colorado, USA. Guess what, he turned off the offer. Why? Cause he wanted to be close with my mom, so he decided to further his study at UM.

Apparently, my mom was flattered with his move, willing to sacrifice his opportunity to study abroad so that he could be closer with my mom. They started to date, and there was a conversation that my mom finds so hard to forget even until now

Boon King, do you really think that we can get any further in this relationship?“, my mom

Do you mean, I’m being a non-Muslim?“, Boon Kin

Sorry Boon King, I shouldn’t bring this thing up“, my mom

Nevermind, it’s ok”, Boon Kin

“I love the name Farid, for me it sounds very nice“, my mom

Really? so next time call me Farid“, Boon Kin

After few months of dating, one of her best friends told her “Hazlina, you should leave that guy. I don’t like him. Do you ever realize that you are dating a chinese guy? and even worse, he is not a Muslim. You have to leave him, before you give more hopes for him“. Later, my grandmother warned my mom saying ” Leave him, if not, I won’t accept you as my daughter“. She had been pushed from every angles, forcing her to accept the fact that they are not meant for each other. She didn’t want to leave him, he was too precious, too kind, too understanding and most importantly, he loved her the way she is, not for her look, not for her achievements, but for her heart.

It was a very tough decision to be made, she unavoidably had to let him go. She told this to the chinese guy

Today will be our last time seeing each other. I love you, I appreciate you more than you could possibly understand, if it is not because of this forbidden path that we took, if it is not because of the unwillingness of our parents to accept this love, I will always be with you“.

After the break up, the guy failed his first year in degree. He didn’t even come to class. He was too devastated. He sent a letter to my mom, and one of the things that he said

I will always love you. You are my first and my last love. You seemed to be too amazing and beautiful in every aspects. You are the only one that I love, and forever I will never forget about you. If there is a man in your life, who will marry you, I need to tell him-never let you down, never break your heart, cause you are too beautiful to be hurt.

My mom replied the letter by saying

I love you, and I know, even after this, I will be arranged to marry a Malay guy, he will never be able to replace you. I want you to move on, I want you to be succesful like you used to be, I want you to be happy. Don’t worry Boon King, even we are far apart, you still have my love until I die. Remember this, True Love Doesn’t Mean You Have to Possess.

He continued his study, and he performed very well in the next few years in degree. My mom achieved first class degree like he did. A year after that, my mom was officially engaged. Few months before her wedding, she got a call from her aunt “ Hazlina, Boon King wanted to attend your wedding“. She was so sad, so devastated knowing how much the guy loved her. He attended the wedding, he sit so far behind, and looked at my mom from the horizon-showing a thumbs up. Few minutes after that, he left the wedding leaving a short massage to her aunt-Hazlina is beautiful today.

Mom lost her contact with him. Until, 28th of December 1991 (this is an exact date), after giving birth to my younger brother, she got a call.

Assalamulaikum, is Hazlina Binti Jahidin is on the line?

Waalaikumussalam, yes, Hazlina’s speaking

This is me Farid Bin Abdullah. Do you still remember me?

Sorry, I don’t recognise, may I know who you are?

Or, maybe you are more familiar with this name, Lim Boon King?

My mom broke into tears, she couldn’t hold herself from crying. The guy already converted into Islam and named himself after the name that my mom loves the most; Farid. He even named his first daughter with my mom’s name,  Hazlina Binti Farid. He is now living in Sabah, CEO of a very successful company, he got five kids, 2 daughters and 3 sons.

This is my most special story ever been told to me and for that,  I won’t forget about it. Up until now, my dad never know about this, and my mom only told this to me and my siblings. Woman’s heart is an ocean of secrecy, yeah I couldn’t agree more.

True love doesn’t mean you have to possess.

You have a very strong heart, mother.


Comments on: "True love doesn’t mean you have to possess" (3)

  1. Zaid, you just told the whole world abt the entire story! Hehe! I am touched, seriously, and I’m so proud of your mom. 🙂 Cayalah auntie!

  2. thank you farra =).. I really feel like sharing this story today.. Hope it will inspire people who have read it.. I hope so.

  3. stranger said:

    your storey moved to my head to my heart. .
    I cried while reading this. .
    You’re lucky to have a strong hearted mom like her :,)

    Thanx for sharing though i may b e last person to read this.


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