The idea is to write it so that people read it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

True Friendship

We are friends, before, now and forever

Some of us only dream to have a true friendship

Some, don’t even know what it is

But for me, I know how to describe it properly; in simple English words

Let me tell you; what it is, and how it is.

We don’t search for similarities; we’d rather complete the differences we have

We don’t ask for money; we just need support from behind

We don’t clarify our needs; because we know what we need

There is no meaning of being abusive; everything is done perfectly sincere

We never hesitated to help each other; we knew, true friends are always there for each other

We don’t have uncertainty between us; we just have trust that built from belief and faith

We might have different opinions about life; we still conclude it at a same way at the end

We don’t ask why we are being friends at the first place; we already knew for sure God destined this friendship between us

We know each other weaknesses and bad behaviours; we never used them for back stabbing each other at behind

We don’t justify each other from our pasts; we accept each other for the way we are today

We don’t have jealousy; every achievement one of us got, is achievement for both of us

We don’t specify our friendship in words; cause its way too valuable than any refined literature ever made by mankind

Friendship is more than just a relationship; it is a bond. A bond that attached us together, forever. This friendship is going to last, as every single moment we have, we share, will last forever. Thank you so much my friend, the friendship you gave me, is like a new life breathes into my soul, give me hope, and give me strength; for me to embrace a new frontier in life. If the whole world turns against you, I won’t do the same cause you are my friend. You always are and you always be.


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