The idea is to write it so that people read it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

Malaysia is always be nation of my heart

In the conjunction of our National Day that will be celebrated very soon, there’s something that I would like to share with all the readers.

I do know my country isn’t there yet, to be called a modernised and fully developed country like Japan or Germany, but we are striving to achieve it.

I do know my country isn’t  that beautiful to be compared to Australia or Russia, but I always embrace the beauty that my country has

Yes, I do always consent that we got a long way to go, to fully unite the people who live in it.

But there’s thing that makes me so proud and grateful to be a Malaysian

It’s not about the places, or even about cultures or whatsoever

It’s about the people I’ve met

The people who I spend my life with

The journey that I take

The laughter that I have

The smiles that captured my heart

The hands that hold me until the end

This is the country where I learn

Who am I;

What I have to do in this life..

What is life really meant to me;

My very purpose of being alive…

I’ve walked this far with this little gut that I bring along

I wont be going this far without the privilege that is given to me by this humble nation

I don’t care how rich the Americans are

I don’t care how privilege being a Japanese

I don’t care how lavish living in the Europe

I don’t care about what other countries have

Cause in here, in this tiny humble land of Malaysia

I got everything that I ever wanted

People who care, Love that I embrace and Memories that captured my heart

This is Malaysia, a country like no others

Forever and always be the nation of my heart

Happy National Day to all Malaysians!


Comments on: "This is Malaysia, I live here and I’m proud of it" (2)

  1. first to coment.hehehe.
    Im proud to be Malaysian also

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