The idea is to write it so that people read it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

Never give up

Never give up; light awaits us at the end of the route

There’s time when we feel so weak, so hopeless and useless.. The very moment when we feel only tears are the best things to have.. I know, we got problems, we face different kind of things in life.. But, just never give up.. No matter how hard it is, life is meant to be like that.. Life is nothing more than a battleground for us to endure, we fight for our lives, everyday every night.. Hope is there whenever you need it, but just most the times, we tend to forget about it… You can’t give up with your life just like that, you should embrace it instead… If you feel so hard, if you feel useless or hopeless in any way you may put it, just bear this in mind, keep going! keep going! don’t ever turn back… Even the route is so tough, so rigid and so unforgivable, keep moving on, cause belive me, light awaits you at the end of the route.. Don’t give up with your dreams, cause you might eventually realise, you share the same dreams with someone out there, someone who’s fighting their way thru delusion and disappointments, just to get what we have now.. Do your very best to fulfill every dreams you ever hope for, safe in the knowledge that once you achieved it, you also have fulfilled dreams of the unfortunates.. Just never give up, light always there at the end of route.. You just have believe in it.. One day you’ll find the way and you’ll feel “You have gotten thru everything, and eventually you are standing there so proud of yourself being able to stand over your fulfilled dreams“.


Comments on: "Never give up" (2)

  1. KitagawaKeiko said:

    :`( thanx for the support. even indirectly kan tp terasa disupport la selepas beberapa lama jugak memendam kekecewaan ni… :`(

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