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Just forget about them

Forgive and Forget

To be honest, I have a complete list of people who I despise. Too many people out there – people I’ve met, I can tell 80% of them are useless, meaningless, hypocrite or any words that you may think appropriate.

Just bear that trust is like a glass, it is hard to mold but rather fragile. In a split of a second you might realize you have shatter the trust that you have built for so long without even knowing about it. I’ve been facing lots of things since then, along the way, I’ve learned an important lesson – never trust on people.

I might have gone overboard, but maybe that’s the safest route I can think off since too many people out there are just simply bullshits. There’s one thing for sure which I think will be a good reminder for all of us – You don’t have to please all people, cause you might end up wondering “what you have got in a return?”. 98% of people surround you are taking advantage over you, and they will dump you off once you seem useless to them.

So, I’ve been wondering “why should I embrace moments I have with them when they don’t even seem to care about it?. You don’t have to pretend everything is just fine cause it never will. Stop pretending and start realizing the fact that at the end – we have to forget and move forward, appreciate those who accept us the way we are. We are human after all, none of us come near to perfection =)

We forgive and we forget


I feel so lucky


They are my family – We have been together since then, and for as long as times allow. We faced all hardships and laughter together. We fight our way through medicine in the hope of becoming a good doctor

My roommates – Awe, Din, Fared.. They are more than just friends.. We are siblings.. They really have perfected my life being a medical student

Maybe I’m not that lucky to be compared to anyone else but still, I feel lucky to myself and I am

Diploma in Pharmacy - times when all great things happened. Where everything seems to be so amazing

grateful to that.

I’m not born to be a genius like most of my friends, but I have guts in pursuing my dreams.

I’m not born to be that smart, but I have reached a certain level of curiosity which makes me never bored learning new things.

Apart from that, for so long I have realized that my life is not that beautiful or amazing or anything that you may put it, but still, I do realize most of the times, most of the times when I feel sad, God always sends me someone for me to rely on. I just don’t know how much friends have perfected my life.

I have lost so many things in life, I’ve lost something important that most of us couldn’t live without, but then again, I never walk alone.

For that reason, I always feel so lucky to be the way I am now =)


Kiasu-Fear of Losing

Kiasu-Fear of Losing

Have you come across with this word?

Ok, this is the word that I would like to use when people asks me “How would you describe medical students?”

What is “Kiasu” after all?

It came from a Chinese word which literally means “Fear of Losing

It is some kind of manifestation of people who loves to compete for the best. It can be either a good or a bad competition.

So, which wing are you now? Are you channeling your Kiasu attitude in a good way?

Decide it yourself

Ok, let us get back to the first part where we start – How would I describe medical students?

Most of the times, this description portrays all medical students, not to be excluded my own self.

So, this is pretty much of it

When we saw our colleagues reading books while we are resting (facebooking, chatting, or anything you may name it), we feel “insulted“. We stop doing all those things in an instant, grab our books and start reading

When we heard our friends discussing about something that we don’t really understand, we started to feel worry and in an instant we grab our books and start to search for answers

When someone who is literally better than us explains things, we start to argue, searching for mistakes he/she might mistakenly do.

When  it comes to result, regardless finals or tests, that’s the best time when KIASU is well-reflected among medical students. When we score, we feel so liberated, like we have done our very best to achieve it. But when we didn’t get what we’ve expected for, we tend to compare ourselves to others who are much better than us (by hard).

Some students even love to be superior in everything that they do. They don’t give chances to other to express what they think and what they feel. Sometimes, it is quite irritating.

Study group. It is very much hated when we have a well-organised study group. Some, couldn’t even accept it. Some, even dare to ruin the group. It sounds weird, but believe me, its true.

So, I don’t post this for nothing and I don’t post this to judge people. It’s a reminder for me and for the rest of medical students out there – it is good to have “Kiasu“, but make sure you channel it in a good way. Be competitive doesn’t mean you have to ruin others, be wise, be matured in deciding what is good and what is bad. We are future doctors after all, we don’t want us to end up killing our patients just because quarreling over drugs and treatments.

Burdens – What if I couldn’t get through them?

What if everything turns out ugly?

It has been a while since the last time I really put my effort in writing an article in my blog. Actually, times are just too packed since I’ve entered the Medical School.

I love to write – that is for sure. Since I really don’t know how to express my feeling through conversation, so words are the best way for me to put everything in.

I’ve been enjoying every second in every day of life being a full-time medical student. Since childhood I’ve been looking for my purpose of being a human being – more or less. After so long I’ve been discovering my place in this world, only now I’ve found it among doctors. It’s not that easy to search reasons for being alive; cause I’m certain with the fact that most people I’ve met, they don’t even know who they are.

So, after half a year being a medical student (not a long time perhaps), only now I know, how much things I have to handle starting from now on. It is so elevating being a medical student; I’ve learnt from friends I’ve met, Doctors who inspired me, knowledges that captivate me yeah pretty much all of them

But, sometimes there’s thing come out off my mind thinking that these humble hands will be the hands that will be saving lives (under Allah will).

What if my patient dies because of me?

What if I didn’t give my best in saving lives?

What if I miss my chance to save lives?

What if I break hearts of their love ones?

What if I fail in giving people new hopes like I promised to?

What if everything turns out ugly; I couldn’t even forgive myself

We learn from mistakes, and we take blame on that and try to change for the better

But this is about life

It’s not about being failed in the exam

Nor doing bad to friends

It is about LIFE.. more than anything else

I just don’t know how much things will drop upon me

The only thing I could hope for is that my shoulder is strong enough to bear burdens that I will be facing during my entire career of being a Doctor one day

May guidance from Him leads my way

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