The idea is to write it so that people read it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

Piece of me

“To be acknowledged for who and what I am, no more, no less. Not for acclaim, not for approval, but, the simple truth of that recognition. This has been the elemental drive of my existence, and it must be achieved, if I am to live or die with dignity”. This is my favourite quote. This is the piece of me

I do quotes
I do cook
I do read lots of books
I do shop like crazy
I do observe people critically
I do have a photocopy memory
I do love my friends
I do want to be a doctor
I do think a lot
I do admire smart girl
I do inspire by words of wisdom
I do work hard to achieve everything that I want
I do everything with lots of compassion
Getting to know more about myself is truly my utmost mission in life
Getting to be loved and respected by my loved ones is my vision
Getting to be appreciated for who I am is my ultimate hope in life
Getting to be loved and blessed by Allah; my one and only God, is the only reason of my existence


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