The idea is to write it so that people read it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.

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I feel so lucky


They are my family – We have been together since then, and for as long as times allow. We faced all hardships and laughter together. We fight our way through medicine in the hope of becoming a good doctor

My roommates – Awe, Din, Fared.. They are more than just friends.. We are siblings.. They really have perfected my life being a medical student

Maybe I’m not that lucky to be compared to anyone else but still, I feel lucky to myself and I am

Diploma in Pharmacy - times when all great things happened. Where everything seems to be so amazing

grateful to that.

I’m not born to be a genius like most of my friends, but I have guts in pursuing my dreams.

I’m not born to be that smart, but I have reached a certain level of curiosity which makes me never bored learning new things.

Apart from that, for so long I have realized that my life is not that beautiful or amazing or anything that you may put it, but still, I do realize most of the times, most of the times when I feel sad, God always sends me someone for me to rely on. I just don’t know how much friends have perfected my life.

I have lost so many things in life, I’ve lost something important that most of us couldn’t live without, but then again, I never walk alone.

For that reason, I always feel so lucky to be the way I am now =)



Kiasu-Fear of Losing

Kiasu-Fear of Losing

Have you come across with this word?

Ok, this is the word that I would like to use when people asks me “How would you describe medical students?”

What is “Kiasu” after all?

It came from a Chinese word which literally means “Fear of Losing

It is some kind of manifestation of people who loves to compete for the best. It can be either a good or a bad competition.

So, which wing are you now? Are you channeling your Kiasu attitude in a good way?

Decide it yourself

Ok, let us get back to the first part where we start – How would I describe medical students?

Most of the times, this description portrays all medical students, not to be excluded my own self.

So, this is pretty much of it

When we saw our colleagues reading books while we are resting (facebooking, chatting, or anything you may name it), we feel “insulted“. We stop doing all those things in an instant, grab our books and start reading

When we heard our friends discussing about something that we don’t really understand, we started to feel worry and in an instant we grab our books and start to search for answers

When someone who is literally better than us explains things, we start to argue, searching for mistakes he/she might mistakenly do.

When  it comes to result, regardless finals or tests, that’s the best time when KIASU is well-reflected among medical students. When we score, we feel so liberated, like we have done our very best to achieve it. But when we didn’t get what we’ve expected for, we tend to compare ourselves to others who are much better than us (by hard).

Some students even love to be superior in everything that they do. They don’t give chances to other to express what they think and what they feel. Sometimes, it is quite irritating.

Study group. It is very much hated when we have a well-organised study group. Some, couldn’t even accept it. Some, even dare to ruin the group. It sounds weird, but believe me, its true.

So, I don’t post this for nothing and I don’t post this to judge people. It’s a reminder for me and for the rest of medical students out there – it is good to have “Kiasu“, but make sure you channel it in a good way. Be competitive doesn’t mean you have to ruin others, be wise, be matured in deciding what is good and what is bad. We are future doctors after all, we don’t want us to end up killing our patients just because quarreling over drugs and treatments.

To My Mother

Because I feel that, in the Heavens above, The angels, whispering to one another, Can find, among their burning terms of love, None so devotional as that of “Mother,”

Therefore by that dear name I long have called you—

You who are more than mother unto me,

And fill my heart of hearts, where hurtful life installed with you,

In setting my fragile spirit free.

My mother—my own mother, who faced thousands obstacles in life,

Is but the mother of myself; but you

Are mother to the one I loved so dearly,

And thus are dearer than the life I see now

by that infinity love you have given me

Is so dear that it captures my heart until the very end of time

My everything


The Dawn of Syawal

Happy Aidilfitri to all my brothers and sisters across the globe

To all Muslims around the world, no matter who you are; where you live we are all the same – united under the same kalimah of Laillahaillallah… During this holy month of Ramadhan, with Syawal around the corner, I would like to wish all of you happy embracing the last pieces of Ramadhan and Happy Aidilfitri… May Allah grant upon us His everlasting mercy and gracious love during the dawn of Syawal and with that I would like to wish all of you happiness and togetherness throughout Aidilfitri, celebrate it together with the sense of humility and unity.. Together we dictate our faith and love to Allah and His messenger; Muhammad PBUH.. Happy Aidilfitri once again to all my beloved brothers and sisters across the globe… Assalamualaikum

True Friendship

We are friends, before, now and forever

Some of us only dream to have a true friendship

Some, don’t even know what it is

But for me, I know how to describe it properly; in simple English words

Let me tell you; what it is, and how it is.

We don’t search for similarities; we’d rather complete the differences we have

We don’t ask for money; we just need support from behind

We don’t clarify our needs; because we know what we need

There is no meaning of being abusive; everything is done perfectly sincere

We never hesitated to help each other; we knew, true friends are always there for each other

We don’t have uncertainty between us; we just have trust that built from belief and faith

We might have different opinions about life; we still conclude it at a same way at the end

We don’t ask why we are being friends at the first place; we already knew for sure God destined this friendship between us

We know each other weaknesses and bad behaviours; we never used them for back stabbing each other at behind

We don’t justify each other from our pasts; we accept each other for the way we are today

We don’t have jealousy; every achievement one of us got, is achievement for both of us

We don’t specify our friendship in words; cause its way too valuable than any refined literature ever made by mankind

Friendship is more than just a relationship; it is a bond. A bond that attached us together, forever. This friendship is going to last, as every single moment we have, we share, will last forever. Thank you so much my friend, the friendship you gave me, is like a new life breathes into my soul, give me hope, and give me strength; for me to embrace a new frontier in life. If the whole world turns against you, I won’t do the same cause you are my friend. You always are and you always be.

If Only We Know

If Only We Know

If only we know
The flare burns between our hearts
How much it burns us from within
How much it hurts us in tremendous ways
How much it warms us together

If only we know
The zephyr that sweeps our hearts
How much the healing it brought to us
How much the calmness emits from inside
How much hormany synchronised in our rhythm

If only we know
The secrets that we kept deep in the core of our hearts
How much it kills us, putting our soul screaming in agony
But then
It is only a part of our story
That drives us away in distance but never be far in heart
How much it burns, sweeps and kills me away from my life
My love to you will never be drifted away
As my love to you is remain for eternity
If only you know….

I love you

This Woman

Thank you for everything

Mother, she is my memories my heart my soul
Do you still remember those days,moments ago?
The time when we spent endless times together
Mother, do you feel the way I feel?
How much happiness you’ve given me 

Anywhere my step goes
I always be under your loving silhouette
No matter how far my dream takes me
This heart will always be yours 

This woman gives me the unconditional love
Everytime, everywhere any place, without doubt or hesitation
This son, will always put you in his heart
Deep down inside his heart
He will always love you
Only you remain immortal in him 

Because of your love
You inspire him to be a better man
Because of your love
He continues this harsh life without giving up
Because of your love
His heart beats until now
Because of your love
He will fulfill your dreams
Because your love is his life, soul and breath..
You are the only love he got

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